This is the personal homepage of Andrew Martin.
Please feel free to contact me using the following information. There are many Andrew Martins so make sure I'm the one you want to contact.
Phone: (UK) +447901 65 35 28
Place of work: Dept. of Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London
FoECSPoster.pdf A poster entitled "Developments in J.K. O'Regan's Sensorimotor account of Consciousness", presented at Foundations of Enactive Cognitive Science (2012) A zip file of images demonstrating the Thatcher Illusion
WRDSLaB3_notes.pdf Notes for a lecture I gave on Chapter 3 of Why Red Doesn't Sound Like a Bell (2011) by J.K O'Regan
WRDSLaB3_slides.ppt Slides for a lecture I gave on Chapter 3 of Why Red Doesn't Sound Like a Bell (2011) by J.K O'Regan
Report on AISB-IACAP 2012 A report on the 2012 AISB-IACAP World Congress.
Review of Why Red Doesn't Sound Like a Bell. J.K. O'Regan (2011) A review I wrote in 2012. It remains one of my all time favourite and most influential books.
Report on J.M. Bishop's inaugural lecture "Radical post-cognitivism: new approaches to intelligence and the mind" A report I wrote on Mark Bishop's inaugural lecture, given in 2012, for the quarterly newsletter of the AISB.
Cannon Fodder Scroller This is the result of an idea I had that wouldn't go away, it's inspired by the end-of-mission screen you'd see in Sensible Software's Cannon Fodder. I've replaced Jools, Jops, et al. with names from the War Memorial at the Remembrance Day service I most commonly attend.
Four Chess A pre-alpha of a four player chess game, inspired by one evening in a pub after the unexpected cancellation of that night's quiz. Click any piece owned by the current player, then click the square to move it to. No logic for detecting checkmate is implemented, other than removing all pieces of the same color of a captured king.
Interactive SDS An interface for experimenting with Stochastic Diffusion Search.
Stochastic Diffusion Search Repository Links to all publications relating to Stochastic Diffusion Search
Tiles A pre-alpha of a browser version of a tile matching game. Drag tiles around to form groups of exactly four orthogonally adjacent tiles. Then click "Annihilate".
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