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Introduction to SDS Modelling

What you need to know to start modelling SDS

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What is Stochastic Diffusion Search (SDS)

Transcript of an IM chat that explains all you need to know about SDS in a few minutes

Tags: Cognitive Computing Software Engineering Top
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Just Dance 2

A case study in "Less is more" design.

Tags: Top Game Design
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Applying a New View of Seeing

My slides to accompany a lecture I gave summarising Chapter 3 of J.K. O'Regan's Why Red Doesn't Sound Like a Bell.

Tags: Top Philosophy of Mind
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Developments in J.K. O'Regan's Sensorimotor account of Consciousness

How the scope of J.K. O'Regan's Sensorimotor account of Consciousness has developed and the implications thereof.

Tags: Top Philosophy of Mind Cognitive Computing
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Articles I've decided deserve a bit of promotion.

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Software Engineering

Experiences or thoughts I've had whilst developing my skills.

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Cognitive Computing

How computation does, or does not relate to cognition.

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Philosophy of Mind

My thoughts, and any work I've done relating to the nature of being and consciousness.

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Game Design

I love to talk about game design, what makes them fun, good and bad examples, and the state of the Games Industry.

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